2022: Volume 3

  • Overhead view of residents at a table working on graphical scores.
2022 group photo of residents and crew.
Front row: Joe Iano, Jennifer Campbell, Amber Cortes, Betsey Biggs, Nicolás Kisic Aguirre, Paul Kuniholm, Lorenz Erdmann, Diego Perez-Cuellar. Middle row: David W Halsell, Eric Lennartson, Walé Ogundipé, Brad Muller, Drew Sensue-Weinstein, Zeos Greene, Jordan McClure, Dev Letendre. Back row: Aiken Bomers-Muller, Chari Glogovac-Smith, Julia Erdmann, Hazel, Cecilia Otero, Jenn Howd.

Notes from the record:

Of course nature always has the final say, and we make it our work to listen. From the first year’s near constant avian presence, to the torrential deluge of year two, to the smoke and drought-stricken (falling!) trees of year three, ambient conditions affect both the campers and the soundscape, the observer and the observed. For Volume Three resident artists had the opportunity to work with Sound Artist Betsey Biggs all weekend, as well as a workshop with hydrophone expert Joseph Olson.

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