2023: Volume 4

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“Anchor yourself to the history of Rainbow Falls, think of those whose labor created this space and whose families were here originally, let this anchor hold you while you also join our sonic guides as we travel to the heavens, fall back to Earth, and be reborn from the water amidst tall trees, new faces, and a hodgepodge of toys.
Imagine that you are a very small child! Prioritize play! Quick, go bang on a grill with a stick, or hum in a bathroom, or stick your head underwater to listen for the fish!
We honored our ears and the dissonance of what we heard. We listened together and felt what moved through us, our sounds grew into a true delight. The river invited our bodies for underwater verbalizations in order to give a voice to our otherworldly protagonist.
The greater than human world and memory of the land guided us, at night dreaming of parallel universes, during the day practicing the birthing of a new culture. As this piece ripples out into your mind and life, find the spaces in your journey for moments of pause, of observation, of reflection on those who came before you, and of your own creative call and response.“
– The 2023 CAMPBIENT Residents

2023 Group photo of residents
Front row: Joe Iano, Jak Mckool, Elias Foley. Second row: Brad Muller, Symbal, Madeline Pieschel, Thee Effluvium, Amber Cortes, Chantal deFelice, Maddi Baird, Juan Miguel Marin, David W Halsell. Third row: Stephanie Vasko, Carmela Young, Veronica Anne Salinas, Myra Lara, Emma Anne Johnson, Michael Langiewicz. Back row: Dev Letendre, Jordan McClure, Aiken Bomers-Muller, Jenn Howd, Mary Edwards, Kristine Diekman, Landon Welsh, Skyler Pestle.

Notes from the record:

Campbient Volume 4 was created by over 20 artists as part of a sequence of annual sound art residencies. This 2023 edition was held at Rainbow Falls State Park in Washington State.

Flowing through the entire album is a continuous 44 minute recording of the natural environment, recorded as we discovered it, on an August weekend with warm breezes that gently activated the surrounding tree canopy. The resident artist-campers were divided into four groups and each group was asked to engage with an 11 minute section of the ambient field recording, considering the power of sound art as a social practice to incorporate respect for the natural ecology of the location and ethical relationships with each other and our environment. Special guest artist Mary Edwards presented a new work, and graciously, generously, offered her wisdom and insights.

Campbient was designed as a way to challenge inequities in how we deal with the natural world and each other, playfully and with curiosity, exploring the future through a growth mindset. All sounds you will hear were captured on site with an array of microphones, hydrophones, geophones, and sound making instruments, manipulated and mixed on battery power, all in a 44 hour period.

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