The First Annual International CAMPBIENT Day!

Hear ye, hear ye, we, The Creative Center for Adaptive Praxis, do hereby proclaim Friday January 5, 2024 The First Annual International CAMPBIENT Day, and henceforth the first Friday in January will be known as such, ad infinitum…

What the heck is International CAMPBIENT Day? It’s the day we kick off the build up to CAMPBIENT!

CAMPBIENT in the past has been held at different times of the summer as we have experimented with what works best. Due to weather and conditions, we are planning on CAMPBIENT to be the first weekend in June going forward. So six months out is our kickoff!

Here’s what’s planned:

• A listening party for the 2023 release on Bandcamp at 6pm PST.

Applications open for 2024.

Special Guest Artist-in-Residence announced.

• A day of CAMPBIENT programming on Radio Brennpunkt.

Join us in celebrating CAMPBIENT: The 44 Hour Sound Art Residency!

Residents on a sound walk in field by the shore at sunset.
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