CAMPBIENT is a unique experience for anyone who wants to creatively explore their interaction with sound in the environment.

CAMPBIENT is a not-for-profit venture, run entirely by volunteers. Your support will help insure CAMPBIENT can continue into the future.

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Note: You will get an email receipt from The Creative Center for Adaptive Praxis, the parent organization of CAMPBIENT and RealMoreReal. This charge will appear as “Shunpike” on your credit card statement.¬†

How much does it cost to produce CAMPBIENT?

Transparency with our process and finances are part of the values of CAMPBIENT.

Costs vary year to year, but it's approximately $6000 USD to produce the event. Here's the breakdown: 
State Park campground rental:  $700  
Food and Beverage:  $1500 
Guest artist and staff support (includes transportation and vehicle rentals):  $1300 
Equipment renewal: $500 
Album production and pressing:  $2,000

This comes out to about $300 per resident participant. To keep the project financially sustainable, we ask residents to make a contribution to offset these expenses. A $50 minimum donation pays for a resident’s share of the campground fee. The rest of the expenses are sponsored by the organization. If residents would like to contribute more, we welcome your generosity!

If any financial contribution is a barrier to participation, we will accommodate those who need it. We want this experience to be available to all, regardless of their income.


Tutta Bella Italian Restaurant

Interested in sponsoring CAMPBIENT? Please contact us!

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